Short Description:

1.Fortified Lock Structure

Well engineer and built.A combination of billet metal and hand-made parts.

2.Anti-Peeping Passward Technology

Your 4-6 digit passwords are shaded with a 12-digit sequence to ruse any unathorized peeping.

3.full-automatic with the signle latch .

Easy installation and use APP to control the Latch.

4.Unlock or lock your door anywhere .


Product Detail

Product Parameters



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    • Product model


    • Product Category


    • Product Color

      Black & Silver

    • Market Specifications

      US Standard,General Version

    • Function Description

      APP Features:
      - User Management (Add / Delete Users by APP)
      - Support Device Sharing / Send E-key to users
      - Support Sending Temporary Password
      - Support Super Admin, Admin and Common Users
      - The APP support 100 mobile users, and can manage 120 users (Fingerprint / PIN / Card) maximum by the APP.
      - Support Setting Alarm Time
      - Support Checking Opening History
      - Support Gateway
      - It’s compatible with both iOS (7.0 above) and Android (4.3 above) basing on Bluetooth version 4.0 above.

    • Sales Area

      North America,Europe,South America,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,South Korea,Japan,Mainland, China,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Macao, China,Taiwan, China

    • Certification


    • Material


    • Product Size

      50*50*20 mm

    • Net Weight

      159 g

    • Warranty

      24 month

    • Packing List

      12 pcs/ carton

    • Support For Custom Types

      App Control Panel Customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization,Product appearance customization,Function customization,App customization

    • Power Supply Type

      9V~18V DC

    • IP Rating


    • Unlock Type


    • Bridge/Hub


    The C-01 cylinder door lock uses your existing home bluetooth  and internet connection to give you control of your lock from anywhere right from your smart phone.

    Create up to 120 custom user codes to share with friends, family, and guests

    Secure Mode will temporarily disable the keypad thereby blocking entry of access codes. Please note that while in Secure Mode, the lock can still be unlocked with keys or paired smartphones.


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