• Technical Breakthrough

    In 2008, Leiyu made a technological breakthrough in the production of aluminum oxide materials, and developed a new healthy and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy with excellent performance named Apple aluminum

    Innovation and Development

    Since LEI-U establishment, Lei Yu has insisted  product quality priority, and has obtained more than 80 intellectual property rights, more than 50 Chinese and foreign certifications, and 8 core patents. The main products have passed the American BHMA electronic lock certification, the American UL fire safety certification, and the European CE electronic lock certification.


    In 2019 LEI-U new type of intelligent door lock  LVD-05 born.There are 4 core patents and can be used in most language worldwide.This smart lock can be used for private homes,commercial office,residential buildings and more.

    LVD-05 Subvert people’s imagination of traditional smart locks

  • LVD-06 SMART  LOCK 2.0

    In May of 2020,LVD-06  2.0version was published,cooperate with Tuya intelligent and TT lock application to make a new smart life . Our goal is to help make life simpler and more secure.


    At present, LEI-U “hand-open” smart lock is exported to more than 20 countries overseas, in North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America and other regions.And established a stable long-term relationship of cooperation with the local building material customers, super market and other types of customers.

    At LEI-U Home, we believe that the door to the home isn’t just about keeping your home safe from unwanted visitors. It’s also about letting the right people in – at the right times.

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