LVD07MFP Replacement Smart Lock

Short Description:

LVD07MFP Tuya is the simple structure with fingerprint lock and Tuya Apps.

Application Scenarios: Office Building

Attendance Management: Working hours can be set, and this function supports employees to choose fingerprint, App, password or IC card for clock-in. You can check the attendance statistics of employees in each month, including late, leave early, and no clock-in.

Solve the problem of key management of too many offices, sample rooms, meeting rooms, warehouses and so on.

Secure lock mode, one-click makes your office a private space.

Product Detail

Product Parameters



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    • Product Model

      LVD-07 B2

    • Product Category

      Residential Locks

    • Product Color

      Black, Silver, Gold, Coffee

    • Market Specifications

      British Version,General Version,Regular Version

    • Battery Type

      Dry Battery

    • Function Description

      1.Swedish FPC sensor, 0.5 second speed recognition;
      2.Multiple unlock mode: Fingerprint, Keys, Bluetooth;
      3.Fingerprint function: Intelligent touch screen technology without fingerprints, Swedish FPC semiconductor military-grade collector, living fingerprint recognition;
      4.Passage Mode: when you need to open/close the doors frequently, you can turn this mode on;
      5.Access records query: You can check access records at anytime by App;
      6.TUYA APP supports multiple languages;
      7.Low battery consumption,4 AA batteries are durable for over 1 years;
      8.Low battery alarm, when the voltage is lower than 4.8V, the alarm is activated each time with the unlock;
      9.App Apartment management system: You can manage all locks of the whole apartments.

    • Sales Area

      North America,Mainland, China,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Australia,Japan,South Korea,Asia,Hong Kong, China,Macao, China,Taiwan, China,Other

    • Certification


    • Material

      Aluminium Alloy with Anodizing

    • Package Size

      215*185*95 mm

    • Product Size

      68*63*63 mm

    • Carton Size

      470*410*300 mm

    • Packing Quantity


    • Packing List

      If lock body is latch, 12 sets per carton, gross weight is about 18.4 KG per carton,Carton size is  46CM*29.5CM*40.5CM ; If lock body is mortise lock body (7255), 8 sets per carton, gross weight is about 18.2 KG per carton,Carton size is 47CM*41CM*30CM.

    • Power Supply Type

      4 AA Batteries

    • Unlock Type

      Mechanical Key,Fingerprint,App

    • Bridge/Hub


    • Theory of battery life

      1 year

    • Door Thickness Compatibility(mm)


    • Product on Sale Time

      May 2019

    1. Convenience Automatically sense that when the door is closed, the system will automatically lock. Turn on its unique voice prompt feature to make the user’s operation easier and easier to understand.

    2. Creativity The current smart lock is not only suitable for people’s tastes from the design of the appearance, but even creates a smart lock like the intelligent feeling of apple. Intelligent locks have been quietly listed.

    3. Security is safer than fingerprint lock.

    4. Security does not need to press your finger on the scanning place. The scanning method reduces fingerprint residue, greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprint being copied, and is safe and exclusive.

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