LVD-06G Glass Office Phone Control Lock

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This is made for the glass door and meets for the office .Company specializes in research and development, production and sales of intelligent face recognition locks, fingerprint locks, finger vein locks, apartment houses, cabinet locks and other series of control panels. The company has always adhered to a high level of quality and service for business purposes, to provide customers with a stable smart lock application program.

LVD-06G is a revolutionary Password Lock with the advanced 5-in-1 access and strong security features.

It has strong metal texture, and the color is soft bright, after rigorous scientific process,it is the perfect commercial lock for businesses, home and apartment that need access for multiple people. It comes with a mortise, especially good for exterior doors.

You can give temporary codes to guests, visitors, house keepers or employees — perfect for working place, Home,hotel, school, and apartment.

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    Advanced Fingerprint Module: Everyones fingerprint is unique and no one can steal it from you. Our advanced fingerprint technology makes the module identify you in less than 0.5 second and work well for kids and the elder. It adopts a semiconductor fingerprint module for living body recognition, which has the ability of self-learning, stores and memorizes the fingerprints, continuously reduces the rejection rate, and is more sensitive.

    Scramble Passcode: The passcode is scrambled, which can be input optionally before and after the passcode, and the system will identify the real passcode to protect from peeking.


    1.Intelligent alarm function and passward protection function, when the wrong passward is entered for 5 times continously, the system will lock for 180 seconds, and sound and light alarm.

    2.Stainless steel deadbolt lock or Single Cylinder Deadbolt lock.

    4.Multiple unlock mode: Fingerprint, Password, IC card, Bluetooth, Key

    5.Anti passward peeking funtion, the valid passward is 6 to 8 digits, which supports front and back dummy passwards to prevent from peeking.

    6.Passage mode: when you need to open/close the doors frequently, you can turn this mode on.

    7.Access records query, you can check who is unlocking your door at what time directly.

    8.App Apartment management system: You can manage all locks of the whole apartments, including  tenant management and management of water and electricity charges. 

    Application Scenarios: Apartment Building

    1. Its very convenient for tenants to check the house on their own by sending them temporary eKey.
    2. Solve the complicated process of giving keys and recycling keys for tenants
    3. Its convenient for landlord to change tenants, and the landlord just need to reset the passcode, fingerprint and IC card of the lock, to avoid the security problems caused by the former tenant, such as key missing and illegal duplicated keys.


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