• LVD07MFP Replacement Smart Lock

    LVD07MFP Replacement Smart Lock

    LVD07MFP Tuya is the simple structure with fingerprint lock and Tuya Apps.

    Application Scenarios: Office Building

    Attendance Management: Working hours can be set, and this function supports employees to choose fingerprint, App, password or IC card for clock-in. You can check the attendance statistics of employees in each month, including late, leave early, and no clock-in.

    Solve the problem of key management of too many offices, sample rooms, meeting rooms, warehouses and so on.

    Secure lock mode, one-click makes your office a private space.

  • LVD-07S Keyless Lock

    LVD-07S Keyless Lock

    LVD-07S Tuya is the  most easy installing intelligent door lock .

    Remote control with the gateway ,high security and makes your life simple and easy.


  • LVD07MFE Tuya Fingerprint Lock

    LVD07MFE Tuya Fingerprint Lock

    LVD07MFE Tuya is  a professional Mobile Phone Control Biometric Door Lock, perfect for home, office, hotel, apartment security application. Support connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth 4.0. You can open the door with unlock card, password, APP, fingerprint or mechanical key. Ensure all-day security for you and your family, easy to install and use, fit most doors.

    1. Secure Lock Mode: Except for the passcode and APP of the administrator, all users’ fingerprints, passcodes and IC cards can not unlock the door.

    2. Send eKey: To authorize other users’ App permissions, the administrator clicks on and enter into “Send eKey” in App, and input the mobile phone or email account registered by other users, with setting the authorization period as timed, permanent, one-time or cyclic, and then click on “Send”. The authorized user does not need to add the lock, and can use the app to open the lock within the authorization period.

    3. Generate Passcode: the administrator can generate a password on the App with 5 modes for your choice, including permanent, timed, one-time, custom and cyclic. For example, timed passcode can be set to be a valid passcode from 9 am to 11 am every Tuesday morning.


    1. Is the lock easy to be installed?

    Yes, No professional installation is required. You can install LVD-05F on your door in about 5 minutes by yourself with just a screwdriver. And it fits most single-cylinder door lock both left and right handed doors.

    2. What battery is used? How long does it take to replace the battery?

    Low battery consumption,4 AA batteries are durable for over 1.5 years

    3. What if the battery run out?

    There is a USB emergency interface, you can charge it to unlock door when the battery run out.

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