Wrong Region for Smart Door Lock

Smart door lock as a new comer, there are always many pits . Here are some wrong region for reference and help people to find a favorite locks.

Intelligent door locks are essentially different from traditional mechanical locks. If only the simple addition of mechanical and electrical, how to talk about intelligence? It’s not as simple as switching the engine of a Tesla from an oil burner to an electric one. The iPhone is not a feature phone with a touch screen. Smart door locks are a whole new breed, redefining door locks. Door lock is no longer just open and close, users can easily add, delete, change and check keys on intelligent door lock, key types also expanded to fingerprint, card, face, mobile phone and so on. What’s more, smart door locks offer greater security. Traditional mechanical locks can only improve security by making the shape of the key more and more complex, but once the key is lost, it costs money to make a key or replace the lock core, and the security is not high. All mechanical locks can be opened by technology. Smart door locks, on the one hand, can have active defenses, such as false alarms and locking. On the one hand, it is convenient to add and delete keys. There is also the mechanical key can also be completely abandoned, but it requires higher electronic stability of the door lock, and the price will be more expensive.

A lot of advertising just means a lot of budget for this part. Because intelligent door lock is still the stage, a lot of hot money is optimistic about this virgin land, throwing money publicity has become a normal phenomenon. Due to the lack of long-term accumulation and polishing, some public versions and existing schemes can be packaged and listed in minutes. However, such a strategy of seeking quick success and instant benefits covers huge hidden dangers. The safety and experience of users is far less important than story-telling to attract investment. The way is not sustainable.

There are many OEM door knob factory,and there is no quality control system, just looks nice on the surface,but internal things are defective, users greedy for small and cheap, but in the end they are take a risky for those product . In case of problems, after-sales not keep up, and even run away from the situation sometimes happens, so we must choose the brand of the factory, at least the product quality is excellent, reputation is guaranteed. If you are on a budget, you can choose a simple, affordable model from a branded manufacturer, but it is never recommended to choose a product from a branded manufacturer with a variety of features. Door lock is to run for decades of products, many companies can also be three or five years, so the choice of big factory is far-sighted.

Post time: Oct-20-2021

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