LEI-U “LVD-06” version being published.

This new version LVD-06 keeps the same “ball shape” as LVD-05 but surpass the old version ,only 57mm diameter of the handle parts .Looks more dapper and easy-hold.The surface use the “exclusive technology”environmental apple aluminum, zinc alloy semi-conductor biometric fingerprint meet for apartment /office wooden door needs.

The LEI-U LVD-06 Smart lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa,google home,IFTTT and Apple HomeKit.

Less than 5 minutes to install -no screwing or drilling requirement.

Long press secure lock button prevent the lock from being open from the outside using the fingerprint ,pass codes ,IC cards or the app. 

The perfect smart life experience.

Faster performance and swift finger sensor  .


1. Fortified Lock Structure

Well engineered and built.A combination of billet metal and hand-made parts.

2. Anti -Peeping Password Technology

Your 4-6 digit password are shaded with a 12-digit sequence to ruse any authorized peeping.

3. Semiconductor Fingerprint Technology

The fingerprint scanner,with its own semiconductor ,is always ready for high -precision and high-speed recognition speed is designed to stay below 0.3s ,and rejection rate less than 0.1%

Materials High Intension Aluminium Alloy
Surface Treatment Anodization
Fingerprint Reader living fingerprint recognition,0.5 second speed recognition
Fingerprint Capacity 120 PCS
Passcode Capacity 150 PCS
IC Card Capacity 200 PCS
App TT Lock /Tuya Intelligent
Unlock Mode Fingerprint,Pass code,IC Card,Bluetooth,Remote Pass code
Fingerprint Resolution 500DPI
False Rejection Rate (FRR)<0.1%
False Accept Rate (FRA)<0.001%
Power Supply 4 PCS AA Battery
Backup Power USB Interface
Battery Life 1.5 Years
Door Thickness >=30mm
Work Temperature -40℃~70℃
Lock Body Single-Latch,and suitable for the lock body which's backset is bigger than 45mm
Color Black, Silver, Gold, Brown

Other function keeps the same

【SMART LOCK TECHNOLOGY】Combines 5 key less entry methods into 1 smart lock, Finger Print, Pass code, RFID Card, Emergency Key, Mobile Application. Highly accurate fingerprint recognition, unlock the door within 0.3 seconds, and store up to 120 unique fingerprints.

【EASY INSTALLATION】Within minutes you can swap out your basic lock for the Geek Smart Lock. The wire free technology makes installation quickly and easily, also security. All it need is just a small screwdriver, about 15 minutes you can install a smart lock for your home or office.

【 MODERN LUXURY DESIGN 】The lock made of high quality aluminum alloy material and streamline design, intuitive LED touch pan make it more luxury and fashionable. Smooth feel and suitable size, easily handle by olds and kids too.

【 Convenience & Smart life】Wire free design and battery long standby for a year, low battery notification, emergency power supply, no worry about out of battery and lock outside. Share one-time pass code with your friends or visitors, and you can also cancel or withdraw it if you want, very convenient.

Post time: May-15-2020

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