Front Digital Door Lock

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T1 is equipped with cycinder built-in clutch, with separate control systems in the front and rear panels, and is equipped with related accessories to prevent electromagnetic interference.

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    • Product model


    • Product Category

      Residential Locks

    • Product Color


    • Market Specifications

      British Version

    • Battery Type

      Dry Battery

    • Function Description

      【Fingerprint Identification】: Smart Lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.3 seconds, and unlocks your door in 1 second. It’s faster than fumbling for your keys.
      【5 Ways to Unlock】: Open in an instant using your fingerprint,TUYA App, electronic keypad,IC card and mechanical keys.
      【5 Ways to Unlock】: Open in an instant using your fingerprint,TUYA App, electronic keypad,IC card and mechanical keys.

    • Sales Area

      North America,South America,Europe,Japan and South Korea,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Australia,Japan,South Korea,Asia

    • Certification


    • Package Size

      455*120*240 mm

    • Product Size

      330*71*25 mm

    • Carton Size

      475*380*520 mm

    • Net Weight

      2130 g

    • Warranty

      12 month

    • Packing Quantity


    • Packing List

      Lock, accessories, RFID card,User manual,App instructions,Opening figure,batteries

    • Bulk Delivery

      Bulk Delivery

    • Power Supply Type

      4 AA Batteries

    • IP Rating


    • Unlock Type

      Mechanical Key,Code,Card,Fingerprint,App

    • Bridge/Hub


    • Lock Style Options

      4585 lock body,6085 lock body

    • Door Thickness Compatibility(mm)


    Easy to install: The unique and patented wire-free design allows the user to install and fix the lock easily.

    Powerful functions: It supports 5-in-1 unlock modes, including fingerprint, bluetooth, passcode, IC card and key. TTlock App supports the management of all ekeys, such as one-time mode, time-limited mode and permanent mode. And the attendance management and passage mode are suitable for office wellAbout the secure lock mode, except for the passcode and APP of the administrator, all users’ fingerprints, passcodes and IC cards cannot unlock the door.

    Fit for many scenarios: commercial office, apartment building, tenement and bedroom.

    Advanced electronic and biometric technology enables the smart lock to have intelligent recognition capabilities, making users’ work and life easier and more convenient.

    Q: What is the difference among LEIU smart lock and other locks in the market?


    We use the new craft same as i phone material anodised aluminium.No peeling, No rusting, No heavy metals, No formaldehyde and other harmful substances,Smooth surface with fancy color, Safe and healthy.

    The finger scanner,with its own semiconductor ,is always ready for high-precision and high-speed recognition.Recognition speed is designed to stay below 0.3s,and the rejection rate less than 0.1%



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